Advertising Flags and Banners

Signworld Light Pole Banner Options

Advertising Flags and BannersEnhance your town's appearance and get it the attention and welcoming feel it deserves to have with Signworld light pole banner flags. Banner flags can be made to get any business, school or event noticed in style. You can get light pole banners made in any color or design you like, and they come in a variety of sizes. Here is more about the options you can get when you place an order with Signworld.

Flags for Business AdvertisingFirst, decide on the design and colors you want for your town banners. You can design the logos and images yourself. Then you can upload them to Signworld online. Or, you can have the designers create custom banners based on ideas that you have. When choosing to upload designs be sure that they are exactly as you wish for them to be printed.

There are three basic sizes to choose from and they include 18-inch, 24-inch and 30-inch banners. When you order your banners, it takes just a few business days to have Signworld light pole banner orders to be fulfilled. While waiting for your order, do not forget to buy the correct hardware kit for the banners.

Banner brackets are needed to keep the banners secure and safe from the elements. They are typically made of steel or aluminum and they come in kits that you can get right from Signworld. The kits have bases, bands and rods, so you get everything needed to hang your new banners up properly.

If you want added savings, ask about joining Signworld as a member. You can return for new banners and get them for a great discounted price. All banners are made to ensure quality and your satisfaction whether you join as a member or just order from Signworld directly for the first time